Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reviewing the Sony Tablet S - Part 3 Screen Display

If there is one area where the Sony Tablet S shines in particular, it is with the sheer quality of the screen display. I am a keen photographer so to have the ability to view photos and videos with such excellent clarity is a real bonus for me. On several occasions now, since I have had the Sony Tablet S, I have had people comment on the ‘wow’ factor of photos.
Actually, for photographers, as the Sony has an SD card slot, this enables a great way to view shots in the field and also as a backup storage mechanism. Although the unit as supplied to me is the 16Gig version of the Sony Tablet S, there is still plenty of room to store a very large number of photos even in the highest resolution including raw images.

Photos are shown with very good colour accuracy with very rich blacks. To me, the Sony clearly excels when pitched against the Apple iPad 2. The difference is less marked though with the Blackberry Playbook which also has a very good screen display. As the Sony Tablet S is a larger unit, the photos and videos do seem to have a better appeal than the Blackberry Playbook. I do admit though that this is being rather picky given the difference is so small.
I have captured some screens of some shots of mine from my Sony Tablet S “gallery”. The pictures were taken with my Nikon D200 DSLR.

Click on the image for a larger view.

I have also taken some screen captures of a You Tube video that is showing off the capabilities of the little “Go Pro” high definition video camera. My son, who used to favour the Apple iPad 2 said something along the lines of “Heck Dad this really is a good display of video with the Sony Tablet S”. Playing high definition videos was easy and no pausing occurred.

Of the three units, the Sony Tablet S is the standout with respect to the screen/ video playback capabilities.

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