Sunday, February 28, 2010

"A Little More Light"

The show "A Little More Light" produced by Groupe F from France, was simply great at the southern end of Victoria Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
As I live a few hundred metres from the venue I strolled over with my two children the evening before where we asked a couple of friendly workers where the best vantage point would be. They indicated a raised spot a couple of hundred metres from the "stage" area. So we turned up a few hours before dark with friends to make sure we got the spot.

A fantastic evening spent with some great friends...
More can be seen at my flickr site at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lockies Dream pics are up ...

It has taken me a while however I now have the pics I took from the Lamerooites day at Kensignton Park up on my web site. Check out

Each image has the "Original" image available via a link at the bottom. You can right click and choose "Save Target As..." if you wish. Oh and each image is quite large at around 5 - 6 meg each to enable the best quality I can create in this medium.

I hope you like them :)

PS Don't worry about the copyright, do whatever you wish with the images.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey some more shots ...

Green house were impressive at the start... as usual the
Neville's were very enthusiastic :) Go Herb!

Many "years" were present... now how far out am I?
the 1959 (Grade 1) mob? above :)

1961??? Now, knowing most of this mob, you have to admit,
Teachers have it easy these days :)

Well a good view of some backsides I suppose.
A heap turned up. Lynton made a good speech...

Some more shots

These shots, in high resolution, will be posted later in the week...
Still, you can click on these to view a larger image in the meantime.

Steve & Kev finding it a bit hard with the beers :)
Who else can you recognise?

Anne, Kym & Jenny

Your's truly being looked after by Jill :)

The girls ... still as good looking ...

Don and Shirely relaxing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Lamerooites had a great day ...

A great crowd of "Lameroo" people turned out for "Lockies Dream". Pictured here is Terry and Jean. We all hope you two had a great day. By the looks of things you sure did.

Even though the weather was quite hot we were lucky enough to have had some good cloud cover and quite a breeze which helped.

We were in a beautiful park in Kensington Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.

Estimates varied, however the were upwards of two hundred people attending. Huge thanks to Lynton, Glenda and Jill (and I'm sure others as well) for the amazing amount of effort these guys went to to organise this for our very special friend, one Terrance Michael O'Laughlin.

Getting a group photo however was a quite "interesting" task. However in the end we managed to have everybody stand still for a couple of minutes for the shot below. And also a huge thanks to my new friend Pam for taking the shot. Wasn't she clever.... :)

These images are just a teaser for what is to come. In a few days I'll have up the other images I took, from which the "original" images can be downloaded for printing if you wish. The new images will be very much larger than these images, suitable for printing.

PS Clicking on the images here will bring up a larger image. Although not as big as will be shown in the next few days, which will have significantly more detail in them. These images (shown here) have had to be greatly compressed to be shown on the web site, this process causes a lot of detail to be lost unfortunately... sorry:)

Pete H.