Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some more shots

These shots, in high resolution, will be posted later in the week...
Still, you can click on these to view a larger image in the meantime.

Steve & Kev finding it a bit hard with the beers :)
Who else can you recognise?

Anne, Kym & Jenny

Your's truly being looked after by Jill :)

The girls ... still as good looking ...

Don and Shirely relaxing.


steve francis said...

great day it was one of my best have not seen some people for 40 yrs i left lameroo when i was 19 now 58 in april i had a ball i just kept on moving and talking and i missed some people some have changed but the ones i knocked around with never changed lynton terry chris allan and my class mates some if they never had name tags i would be .... thanks for all the poeple who made this day a ripper cant stop thinking about it thanks everyone STEVE FRANCIS

Pete said...

Yep I'm the same as you Steve. A bl@@dy ripper of a day for sure :) I found almost impossible to get to every one. Oh well. Next time.