Friday, November 05, 2010

The amazing Net ...

The Net never ceases to amaze me ... just
discovered "". Now one can send posts from a heap different blog
engines e.g. blogger (I use), twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, rss
feeds, word press etc etc and all at the right price.

Alex loves anything with a motor in it ...

Alex had some money burning a hole in his pocket so out comes another RC Nitro car. These are seriously hard to photograph due, I think, to their relative size and speed. The lad is seriously quick and getting quite good at steering these around a tight course. Aaaah to be that age :) Shots taken in the office block just over the back fence .. don't tell anyone ... I won't...

Look Here

Look Here
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These two were getting rather personal at the Adelaide Zoo...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Claire can fly too...

Claire just loves her Netball....

Friday, August 20, 2010

SA Festival of Music

We had a superb evening at the SA Music Festival for public primary schools held at the Festival Theatre (one of ten concerts). Somehow, by pure luck we scored the front row with a perfect view in the middle. Honestly, this is a show that should be on TV publicising just what can be achieved by public school children and their wonderful teachers and helpers. There were some really gutsy and exceptionally talented performances, especially by the soloists.

There were also a few “guest” spots from the Brighton High School which is a school that specialises in music. Simply awesome. At short notice, one of their students played a Debussy piece on the Grand Piano. Spine tingling stuff.

From the superb sounding orchestra, which Claire’s best friend, Victoria is in, as well as the dance troupe, which Claire featured prominently, through to the 500 member choir and the gorgeously confident compere. Well done to all.

I sure know who was smiling down on us.

PS The show was crying out for a stills photographer but alas photography was strictly forbidden ... understandable but still, a bit of bummer none the less!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flying Netballer ...

Claire's school, Rosepark Primary played Netball today. They have been doing really well and are currently running third on the ladder. Today however, they came up against the top side. Although Rosepark was beaten, it was a good match to watch as both sides were tested.
The girl (left) in the picture was particularly damaging. When she wasn't totally dominating playing Center, she was playing Wing Defence, as in this shot. Her ability to intercept, as shown here, as well as her incredible speed in disposal, was of a standard I have not seen in this age group. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in senior netball ranks, perhaps even at the highest levels.
As seems usual taking photos at sport, if only I had been on the other side of the court at the time :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adelaide Pedal Prix

A friend's son was riding/ driving a Pedal Prix car today in Adelaide. Now some of these teams are REALLY kamikaze types.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new unit of measure a ‘Pharqmi'…

A new unit of measure a ‘Pharqmi' (for nearing infinity)...

The level of frustration one gets, constantly finding hair ties, hair clips, clothes, empty plates, food wrappers, discarded clothes, shoes, school books & bags, dead bananas, old sandwiches, drink bottles, DVD cases, loose DVD’s etc etc etc left everywhere in your house.

The unit of measure is a 'Pharqmi', the symbol of which is ‘pMe’. (Think of Charles's opening lines (Hugh Grant) in "Four Weddings and a Funeral"...)

It is measured with a highly modified sound level meter called an “iMaslave”. It’s output is directly proportional to the number of decibels, multiplied by the number of sharp utterances of "opharqinell (p)" measured, over time. It requires exceptional levels of computing power.

Not surprisingly, there is apparently no limit to the level of Pharqmi's one can measure at any given moment.

The formula is:

pMe = dB x p/t

(where p is the number of "opharqinell's" captured, t – the number of seconds)

Seemingly, the ultimate level, a 'Thankpharq' is rarely reached. A ‘Thankpharq’ is the holy grail of most houses and may only be reached when all the little darlings have grown up and left home. Obviously, a ‘Thankpharq’ is simply the ambient sound level as measured by a “Imaslave’.

The general market release of “Imaslave’s” is expected within the next ten years or sooner if computer processing power advances sufficiently enough to capture the rapid “opharqinell’s”, accurately. So far this is proving elusive. The current “Imaslave” is in early experimental phase and requires super computer cooling, thus limiting portability and marketability.

Well let's hope so!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Alex having fun ...

Alex having fun ...
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The lad has a great riding style and is already seriously quick. I worry at his ambition for a KTM 250 though...

Your's truly on the track ...

One of our Yam's has been "allowed to breath" so to speak. The difference is incredible from so so to ... yaaahoooo:) We are still tuning it and I expect to get a little more out of it to make really "crisp".
Must tighten up the suspension to suit as it is FAR too soft for anything but a casual ride. And I must get a modern helmet and some decent riding gear !!!!

Pristine Mallee ...

Prestine Mallee ...
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Typical country as found on my brothers farm south of Lameroo, South Australia... This is one of many locations on the farm that enables great camping. And not a soul in sight over Easter ... superb:)

Your's truly after a hard run ...

Alex after a hard run ...

Alex after a hard run ...
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Alex & I relaxing before a big day's ride...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polo 7

Polo 7
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A happy umpire and knackered horse :)

Polo 4

Polo 4
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The ears are back ...

Polo 2

Polo 2
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Determination plus!!

Polo 1

Polo 1
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Adelaide Polo Club playing at Mount Barker, South Australia.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) quite wet...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Skyshow 2010 results

I've selected some shots I took recently over at Victoria Park race course for the Adelaide Skyshow for 2010. I've put them up here.
There are various ways to view the pics. Have a play. If you see a graphic showing up in the middle of the image while it is uploading the image in slide show mode, simply click on the screen somewhere off the image and it should disappear...

My favorite images are near the far end (#'s 37 and up) ... scroll down :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

F111 Adelaide 500 2010

F111 Adelaide 500 2010
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Quite a thrill for the kids & I as this 'ol girl flew straight over our house in downtown Dulwich, South Australia.

F111 Adelaide 500 2010

F111 Adelaide 500 2010
Originally uploaded by Ngarkat
The was the last flyover from the 'ol F111. A seriously impressive piece of gear.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skyshow 2010

This shot was interesting in that it is an accident!
I moved the camera on it's tripod from a vertical position to a horizontal position when the shutter was on a timed exposure. I like the effect :)

This was the amazing finale!

All sorts of amazing effects...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adelaide 500 2010 (Saturday)

Great fun to see the FA18 Jet fly over at the Adelaide 500 V8 car race.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"A Little More Light"

The show "A Little More Light" produced by Groupe F from France, was simply great at the southern end of Victoria Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
As I live a few hundred metres from the venue I strolled over with my two children the evening before where we asked a couple of friendly workers where the best vantage point would be. They indicated a raised spot a couple of hundred metres from the "stage" area. So we turned up a few hours before dark with friends to make sure we got the spot.

A fantastic evening spent with some great friends...
More can be seen at my flickr site at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lockies Dream pics are up ...

It has taken me a while however I now have the pics I took from the Lamerooites day at Kensignton Park up on my web site. Check out

Each image has the "Original" image available via a link at the bottom. You can right click and choose "Save Target As..." if you wish. Oh and each image is quite large at around 5 - 6 meg each to enable the best quality I can create in this medium.

I hope you like them :)

PS Don't worry about the copyright, do whatever you wish with the images.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey some more shots ...

Green house were impressive at the start... as usual the
Neville's were very enthusiastic :) Go Herb!

Many "years" were present... now how far out am I?
the 1959 (Grade 1) mob? above :)

1961??? Now, knowing most of this mob, you have to admit,
Teachers have it easy these days :)

Well a good view of some backsides I suppose.
A heap turned up. Lynton made a good speech...

Some more shots

These shots, in high resolution, will be posted later in the week...
Still, you can click on these to view a larger image in the meantime.

Steve & Kev finding it a bit hard with the beers :)
Who else can you recognise?

Anne, Kym & Jenny

Your's truly being looked after by Jill :)

The girls ... still as good looking ...

Don and Shirely relaxing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Lamerooites had a great day ...

A great crowd of "Lameroo" people turned out for "Lockies Dream". Pictured here is Terry and Jean. We all hope you two had a great day. By the looks of things you sure did.

Even though the weather was quite hot we were lucky enough to have had some good cloud cover and quite a breeze which helped.

We were in a beautiful park in Kensington Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.

Estimates varied, however the were upwards of two hundred people attending. Huge thanks to Lynton, Glenda and Jill (and I'm sure others as well) for the amazing amount of effort these guys went to to organise this for our very special friend, one Terrance Michael O'Laughlin.

Getting a group photo however was a quite "interesting" task. However in the end we managed to have everybody stand still for a couple of minutes for the shot below. And also a huge thanks to my new friend Pam for taking the shot. Wasn't she clever.... :)

These images are just a teaser for what is to come. In a few days I'll have up the other images I took, from which the "original" images can be downloaded for printing if you wish. The new images will be very much larger than these images, suitable for printing.

PS Clicking on the images here will bring up a larger image. Although not as big as will be shown in the next few days, which will have significantly more detail in them. These images (shown here) have had to be greatly compressed to be shown on the web site, this process causes a lot of detail to be lost unfortunately... sorry:)

Pete H.