Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Noisy Minor

Pesky birds that give other birds merry hell!!

A munching "Yellow Rosella"

Stunningly beautiful birds that are a riot of colour especially when they are in flight. This picture does not show the sheer, dazzling brilliance of their blue wings.
I'm very priviledged to have them frequent my backyard feeding, oddly enough on an exotic "Plane Tree".

A New Holland Honeyeater

Taken in my backyard in downtown Dulwich

An "Adelaide Rosella" ...

Taken HANDHELD with a Nikkor 70-200 VR plus 1.7 conv i.e 510mm 35mm equiv. These images range from 1/250th sec down to (believe it or not) 1/80th taken in late afternoon. All I gotta do now is pay back the bank.