Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alex knee-boarding on the Murray

My lad, Alex, is getting quite good on the knee-board these days... but this time ... ???.

Adele, Claire and Laura having fun ...

Trust me... riding on an "air-head" can be huge fun as Adele, Claire (my daughter) and Laura had at Teal Flat, up stream from Mannum on the Murray river, South Australia.

It really takes some hanging on at times. Adele (left) who is very accomplished at water sports is struggling to hang on this time. Amazingly she didn't fall off (this time).

Adele, Claire and Laura getting very confident...

My eleven year old daughter, Claire loved the company of Adele (left) and her friend Laura, special girls indeed. At sixteen, Adele is an amazingly accomplished photographer in her own right. I suspect she will go far if she chooses photography as a career. To be honest I am quite in awe of her prodigious talent at such an early age. Some Adel's shots can be seen at certainly worth a visit...

Claire knee-boarding

Claire knee-boarding
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To say I am a proud Dad is total understatement. Claire sure knows how to have fun.
PS: Being a widowed Dad does not leave me much time to pursue my passion for photography. So a few days up at "Teal Flat" on the Murray River, South Australia allowed me to take a few shots, some 2,550 in total, which will take me a little while to go through. In the mean time here are a few I have processed....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Budding Agapanthus shot # 13,457,377

There is only so many one can take I suppose...

Aggy and Bee

Aggy and Bee
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Went to the Adelaide Zoo on a superb day...

Someone had to start the P pics..

We were lucky enough to be able to be at the Adelaide Zoo for the opening day of the Panda exhibit. The company I work for (R.M Williams) had months ago booked into the Adelaide Zoo for our Childrens Christmas party . The Panda opening had been delayed until today so only the so called VIP's were allowed in, oh and us as well:) The Panda's are under quarantine so they are behind glass at the moment making photography very challenging.

The Panda's sleep for 20 out of 24 hours... we were very lucky see Funi with her eyes open. She is seriously cute I have to say. She put on quite a display, rolling around, yawning (missed each time, bugger) and eating a bit.. The whole experience was much better than I expected. Just lucky I think. Wang Wang, like most men given the chance, was mainly asleep but he did move around a reasonable amount but it was far too hard to get a decent shot of him.