Friday, January 18, 2008

Plane tree leaves

Alex & Claire are at their Opa's for the week so today I came home to an empty house. As I sat having a refreshing beer during a very pleasant evening, I noticed this light.It's just so nice to have time to myself and not have to be rushing around making dinner etc. Soothing!
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A very busy Bee

Sheeze these guys are busy, especially on such a windy day.

Star burst?

Staying in a very old style old shack (very small, no power etc) in the Coorong National Park, South Australia. This flower is from a bush planted by the owners of the shack in an effort to revegetate the area from local native bushes. I've no idea what the bush is but it has a spectacular display of small flowers as seen here.

Coorong at a low moment

This is an HDR image of the Coorong near Long Point located within the Cooorong national park.
Note the low "tide". I'm not sure that it really was low tide or a combination of wind and the fact the Coorong is really suffering at the moment due to a long lasting and very severe drought effecting the Coorong from low out falls from the Murray river.

Coorong in composite

I've been playing around with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging within Photoshop. This is the result of merging 9 photos each .7 stop apart, taken on the D200 with the 17-55 DX Nikkor mounted.

Early morning in the Coorong

Lonely moon at the Coorong

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Claire concentrating ...

Claire happy sewing

Sewing has been able to keep Claire happy during the holidays. She has been busy making bags, belts, pillows even a shirt for her doll. She is rapidly running out of material.