Saturday, November 21, 2009

HDR Coorong 2

HDR Coorong 2
Originally uploaded by Ngarkat
This is from a shot (or series of 9 RAW shots) taken a couple of years ago in the Coorong of South Australia at sunrise. I was not alone... with a gazillion mozzies keeping me company.

Probably about as far as I'd like to push HDR. I like to keep the images looking as realistic as possible, more along the lines of simply extended dynamic range i.e digging out detail in shadows and recovering blown highlights (or in reality simply flattening contrast but that sounds boring eh).

This is an area that is suffering the effects of a long drought in SA.

Created in Photomatix, yellow, red and blue each given a lift over multiple adjustment layers in Photoshop CS4, sharpened in Nikon Capture NX2
Camera mounted on a Manfrotto tripod and cam triggered with electronic remote release.

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