Saturday, September 20, 2008

To the Adelaide Zoo with Claire

This is a test of Windows Live Writer to my Blog site. I'm not sure what it adds in value but considering the price it's worth a try.

Today while Alex is with his Youth Group friends, Claire and I decided to go to the Zoo to get out of the house at least for just for a little.

Although the day was cool, a bit windy and often overcast I did manage to have a go with the D200 and the 70-200 (love that lens). There is one "problem" with this camera. It is that the shots always look ok on the LCD on the back of the cam however they sometimes disappoint when looking at the shots on my monitor when I get home. The disappointment comes when the shots are really too shallow in depth of field or there has been some cam movement. Today was a classic at this. Because of the often overcast conditions I had the cam wide open and with too slow shutter resulting in images less than ideal. I should have taken the tripod I suppose. One learns which is the whole idea of these excursions for me.

For many of the shots I was surprised at the shallowness of the DOF. A bit of a bugger actually.

However I did manage to scrounge a few that are not too bad... I've uploaded them to my Flickr site so I'll have go with Live Writer to see if I can insert a couple here... nup. They don't link back to flickr or size too well so these two have been added while in Flickr. Bit of a pity.

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